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Full control: reports for the LSP client

For clients of translation agencies, transparency and control over projects are crucial. That is why LivoLINK, an advanced translation project management software, offers insightful reports dedicated to customers.

Client reports in LivoLINK are a tool that allows clients of a translation agency to have full access to data regarding their cooperation with the translation agency. It is also a way to ensure transparency and increase customer trust.

Clients using LivoLINK can track their translation expenses in a detailed and organized way.

The client panel lets them easily analyze the number of translation expenses in configurable time intervals. This means that your client can monitor how much they spend on translations in a given month, quarter, or year.

A detailed analysis of orders available on the client panel provides customers with a better understanding of which services and translation languages they spend the most money on. This is an outstanding tool for clients who want to optimize their translation expenses and adapt their translation strategy to their needs.


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How do the Translator’s competencies impact the selection of vendors for a translation project in LivoLINK?

LivoLINK, as an advanced translation project management software, offers comprehensive tools for a precise…

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How do the Translator’s competencies impact the selection of vendors for a translation project in LivoLINK?

LivoLINK, as an advanced translation project management software, offers comprehensive tools for a precise selection of vendors, depending on their competencies. This process is based on detailed parameters that shape the ranking of vendors for each project. You can use the ranking list in two ways – for independent decisions by the Project Manager to select a given translator or the automatic algorithm. The LivoLINK algorithm fully automates the selection of translators for a given translation project according to the parameters you specify, defining the desired competencies of the translator.

How do the translator’s competencies impact this process?

  1. Dedicated translators

A key aspect is assigning a dedicated translator to a specific client. Dedicated translators always occupy the highest position on the list of the most suitable vendors for a given client and his translations by the LivoLINK algorithm.

  1. Groups of translators

Creating groups of translators according to various criteria, such as quality or price, enables an effective ranking of vendors. “The better the group, the higher the ranking” rule guarantees the selection of the most suitable vendors.

  1. Project type

You can create your own individual parameters such as choosing the project type. It means that each project could be based on CAT tools or other word processors. Knowing the type of the project, it can be used to assign specific translators to specific projects. This will prevent unsuitable vendors from being on the list of proposed contractors.

  1. Specialisations

Specify in which specialisations your translator has the best knowledge and experience. This will allow only vendors who meet certain specialisation criteria to be included in the ranking list.

  1. Skill level in a given specialisation

Determining the scale of qualifications of a translator in a given specialisation by taking into account, e.g., education or experience in translating in a given field, eliminates from the ranking list of translators whose level of competence is too low.

Choosing the translator’s competencies in LivoLINK allows for more effective and precise implementation of translation projects. For this reason, decisions of Project Managers, and automatic selection of the translator are based on objective criteria, improving efficiency and ensuring high quality of the final results.

LIVOLINK: A Revolution in the Selection of a Translator

In today’s dynamic world, the success of translation agencies must have an effective management of…

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LIVOLINK: A Revolution in the Selection of a Translator

In today’s dynamic world, the success of translation agencies must have an effective management of a team of translators. LivoLINK, an advanced translation project management software, simplifies and revolutionizes the translator selection process. Thanks to its flexible configuration features, LivoLINK has become an indispensable tool for industry professionals.


At LivoLINK, you can specify precise vendor parameters, ensuring that the translators you choose meet the highest standards. Determining the level of language competencies, specializations or meeting the requirements of the ISO 17100 standard becomes easy and intuitive. Using LivoLINK, you can precisely determine the qualification level of translators according to individually adopted criteria in a given language combination and specialization.


LivoLINK enables you to assign dedicated translators for a given client, with specific parameters such as language combination, specialization, and ranking rating. Your client can be sure that he will receive the service of the highest quality.


Thanks to advanced translator selection options in LivoLINK, each project can be handled by a perfectly tailored team. This is a guarantee that each order is placed in the hands of the best-suited specialists. In LivoLINK, choosing a translator is not only a matter of efficiency but also of adaptation to the unique needs of each project.


LivoLINK allows you to effectively manage a team of translators, thanks to the possibility of dividing them into groups. Configure dedicated groups for specific types of translation projects, adjust their prices or assign them to specific clients. The flexibility of LivoLINK opens up a wide range of possibilities for you – in LivoLINK you can create any groups of vendors according to the criteria you specify and configure.


In LivoLINK, you can specify the minimum qualification level of the translator for a given project at the quotation stage. This function ensures that when a given translation project continues, only specific vendors will be able to proceed with its implementation.

Moreover, you can qualify vendor groups to calculate the projected costs of a given translation project, which further increases the effectiveness and precision of the best offers for your clients.


In LivoLINK you can also customize groups of translators according to their availability. This is an ideal solution for translation agencies working across different time zones or dealing with flexible schedules.


Selecting the right vendor for each translation project at LivoLINK can be done in two ways:

a) vendors are selected by the Project Manager

b) vendors are selected automatically by LivoLINK.

LivoLINK can support the PM’s ongoing work in the most effective way by automating many time-consuming activities, such as sending job proposals to specific groups of translators or automatic assignment of tasks related to project implementation.


The extremely intuitive configuration process in LivoLINK makes managing vendors/translators easy. Regardless of the complex requirements of your translation agency, LivoLINK provides tools that will meet your expectations.

LivoLINK introduces comfort and flexibility in managing translation service providers. Thanks to advanced parameters, easy configuration, and wide possibilities of grouping translators, translation agencies gain a tool that perfectly responds to the challenges related to selecting the right vendors for various projects.

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