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As a highly capable, comprehensive translation management system, it will help you organise your work from start to finish. From giving a quote, all the way through the translation process and processing payment, the system is there for you, while you focus on what matters most – the quality of your translations.
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LivoCAT editor
Glossaries and translation memories in the cloud
Payment tracking
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LivoLINK offers a handy online CAT tool with all the necessary features such as:

Create your own glossaries or use those supplied by your clients. With LivoCAT, you can keep your client’s terminology right at hand to ensure high-quality output they will be satisfied with.

Translation memory guarantees consistency by streamlining the translation process. The memory updates automatically and links to every translation task in LivoCAT.

With your finances in mind, we included a number of helpful features:

LivoLINK offers constant access to your translations wherever you go. The cloud provides security and unlimited storage space. Now you can keep a record of all your translations in one place, with no limits.

LivoLINK automatically takes the project through all stages, from the creation of the request and quotation to the finished translation sent to your client. All of this will allow you to reduce the time taken to complete a task, resulting in a significant increase in your company’s productivity.

Communication with the customer

The system automatically sends:

Communication with the vendor

The system automatically sends:
The system allows translators to maintain an online work calendar. Based on the current workload, the remaining capacity is automatically calculated. It means that you can easily schedule tasks for the vendors!

Working smarter means better translations

Accept a client’s request

Translate swiftly and effortlessly in LivoCAT

Return the completed translation to the client

The system updates your resources for future translations

The system automatically generates an invoice

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