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Focus on strategy
instead of transactions

We have created a system that will take care of many financial operations for you. It will ensure that a payment request is sent, automatically settle the accounts and convert costs according to the current exchange rates. Trust in new solutions that will significantly improve your work.
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Payment process
under your control

Conduct comprehensive debt collection with the help of system notifications and functions. Monitor the status of clients’ settlements and react quickly to overdue payments. Control the condition of your company with reports and analyses generated by the system.

International transactions

Forget about exchange rates and focus on the client. Automatically updated exchange rates will make it easier for you to conduct international transactions with your business partners. In addition, the system issues the invoice automatically after the project is completed and sends it to the client.

Your personal financial assistant

Account monitoring
Automatic settlements
Issuing invoices to clients

Always stay on top of things

Did the client forget to pay? No problem. The system will monitor the situation for you by sending payment requests. Also, depending on the settings, the system is able to block a new translation order before overdue payments have been settled.

Don’t waste time monitoring and settling numerous transfers. Reduce your accounting processing costs and make use of LivoLINK’s automatic payment settlement. The system will automatically assign an account to a customer and settle their payment.

Don’t give a second thought to the current exchange rate

LivoLINK allows you to conduct international transactions without worrying about currencies.

What’s more, you don’t have to manually convert the value of your projects – the system will do it for you and show the value of the project in both the client’s and your local currency.
Integration with banks allows you to download the current average exchange rate of all currencies you use in the system on a daily basis.

Thanks to the collected client and vendor databases, the system retrieves the information required for the invoice and issues it within seconds. You do not have to enter the data manually each time. You don’t have to enter the data manually every time, either.

Automatic invoice generation

Invoicing occurs automatically on completion of the project, according to the parameters specified in the contractor's billing data. They specify:
The client has the option to define non-standard invoice descriptions before the invoice is issued.

Automatic notifications

Once the invoice is generated, the system automatically sends an email with the invoice attached. You do not need to log into the system to download it.
Once the invoice is generated, the system automatically sends an email with the invoice attached.


Automatic invoice generation



Managing finances in LivoLINK

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