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CALENDARS, PLANNERS, SCHEDULES. Task Management in LivoLINK: Effective work planning in a Translation Agency (part 1)

A translation agency is characterised as an intensive work environment, where the work is dynamic and deadlines are short, effective task management becomes a key element of success. One of the main functions of LivoLINK is the TASKS tab, which offers the possibility of effective work management.

All your projects in one place

Thanks to the TASKS tab in LivoLINK, project management becomes intuitive and effective. The project and its stages, and tasks to be performed – you will find that in one place. The clarity of the project structure allows you to quickly understand its status and needs.

Tasks to be assigned – Convenient work schedule

The TASKS TO BE ASSIGNED tab is a real treasure of possibilities for project managers. They can easily browse available tasks and then flexibly assign them to appropriate employees/vendors. This significantly shortens the resource allocation time, eliminating unnecessary delays and ensuring smooth work, and enables precise assignment of responsibilities, while guaranteeing full transparency in the task implementation process.

Ongoing tasks

In the ONGOING TASKS tab, each translation agency employee can see what tasks have been currently assigned to him and what are the deadlines for their completion. From the ONGOING TASKS level, he has access to the details of the work entrusted to him. Thanks to this, he can constantly track the progress of his work and monitor the schedule of all assigned activities.

Reliable work organisation

Thanks to the TASKS TO BE ASSIGNED function, translation agencies gain a tool for reliable work organization. Each task is precisely described, and the availability of employees/vendors and their skills are taken into account when assigning duties.

Project management from Start to Finish

Translation project management is about assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and responding to current needs. In LivoLINK, each task is part of a larger whole. You can track which tasks are in progress and which have already been completed. It is a comprehensive approach to process management that guarantees efficiency at every stage.

Process Optimisation in LivoLINK

Task management in LivoLINK is much more than just assigning duties – it helps optimising work processes. Thanks to the TASKS TO BE ASSIGNED tab, translation agencies gain a tool for flexible work planning, effective task assignment, and reliable project organization, which results in higher productivity and satisfaction of your team.


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Icons in LivoLINK – system messages

At the centre of LivoLINK’s system interaction are icons, commonly referred to as messages, which play an important role in communicating the current state of the system. They are visual cues that accompany users from the initiation of a request through to the final stage of a project. Some of them are informative, while others have a warning function, signalling potential problems or the need to take action.

Information messages:

Orange triangle with an exclamation mark: signals the need for specific actions to maintain the process flow. For example, after the translator has completed their stage of work, this icon would appear to indicate that quality control can begin.

Green shield: indicates key aspects of the work process, for example that a file was successfully uploaded.

Running man icon: indicates that a process is in progress and has not yet been completed.

Hourglass icon: also informs about the ongoing process, but indicates that it will require more time to complete.

Green card icon: indicates that the task proposal has been accepted by a vendor.

Warning messages:

Black circle icon with the letter ‘i’: indicates that something needs to be corrected at a particular stage of the process, for example, that there is no way of calculating the price for a price list item.

Burgundy icon with an exclamation mark: indicates a failure, for example, the rejection of a task proposal or the incomplete translation in the uploaded package.

LivoLINK offers precise guidelines at every stage of the process, and their optimal use contributes to the efficiency of translation projects

TASKS AT LIVOLINK – Proactive Team Management (part 2)

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TASKS AT LIVOLINK – Proactive Team Management (part 2)

Thanks to the MY SUGGESTIONS and COMPLETED TASKS functions, LivoLINK provides comprehensive tools for effective task management in a translation agency. It enables not only the optimization of teamwork but also a proactive approach to assigning tasks following employee competencies. Use the potential of LivoLINK to make task management in your translation agency even more effective and organized.


In the MY PROPOSALS tab, translation agency employees, including translators, proofreaders, post-editors, and the quality control team, have unlimited access to the list of proposals with tasks to be performed. This intuitive tab allows translation agency employees to select tasks consistent with their competencies and adapt them to their work schedules. This tool doesn’t just make assigning tasks easier but also facilitates effective management of work in teams. The employee can decide which tasks he wants to take on, which results in higher team motivation and work efficiency.


The COMPLETED TASKS tab is the central place where you can find a list of all completed tasks in your translation agency. This tool allows you to effectively monitor whether all tasks have been performed as expected. It also provides information on which tasks were performed, who was responsible for completing them, and a detailed description of each task. Thanks to this, the completed data becomes a valuable source of work efficiency analysis and can be used to improve work processes in the future.

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