Unique translation management system

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Translation projects and resources management

Solutions for increasing project productivity and quality of translation resources. Secure and easily accessible translation resources.


Instant machine translation with an option to edit the translated document.

Translation engines

Integration with various translation engines.


All you need is a browser and LivoLink to start translating. LivoCAT is a browser-based translation tool where several translators can share a single document and thus translate quickly and accurately.

Automation of translation processes

Automatic selection of vendors, enquiry sending, order processing and billing. You are the one who decides on the processes and to what extent they should be automated. Setting up automation has never been so easy!

Workflow management

Translation with or without proofreading? You can configure the workflow according to your needs.

Intelligent translation management system

LivoLINK's innovative solutions are designed for translation agencies, corporate clients and language service providers for localisation solutions. The system's incredible performance:

  • allows translation resources management to be optimised,
  • reduces time and cost of individual tasks,
  • allows for easier work on texts during translation and post-editing.
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