Workflow management


Highest communication level with LivoLINK

The key to success is business continuity and efficient communication. Both people and technological resources need to “communicate” with each other. We know how to make all your tools work in perfect unison and allow your team to perform their tasks in one limit-free system.

Simple steps for efficient workflow management


Analyse and advise

  • We conduct a thorough audit of the tools you use for office and translation tasks.
  • We isolate processes which need to be optimised based on your technological resources.
  • We advise on automating tasks, tools used and implementation of new solutions based on LivoLINK software.


  • We show you how you can optimise your workflow management using the tools you already have.
  • We help implement innovative solutions for translation and company structure management.

Improve and develop

  • We support the development of the implemented technologies, using a flexible approach to each client’s needs.
  • Working with you, we improve the implemented solutions, making machine translation, use of localisation resources and Al and workflow management more effective.


Do you use many different tools in your work? Are you concerned about efficiently organising translations that are part of larger projects in your company? LivoLINK allows optimisation of all your activities.


If you use other tools, you can easily integrate them into the LivoLINK system and still access all their features.


You can easily connect your own software and services to the LivoLINK system via a user-friendly API.
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