Who did we create LivoLINK for?

Our goal is to create a universal translation management system with the simplicity and innovative functions to help companies, translation agencies and freelance translators to increase productivity and take translation projects to a new level.

For businesses

You have the opportunity to create your own in-house translation department or a list of external service providers, while managing translation tasks with ease. With LivoLINK you can keep track of orders placed and projects in progress, accumulate and manage company resources (including translation memories and glossaries) and communicate easily with translation service providers. You'll also get several useful tools for your work, as well as the opportunity to integrate your company's software with our system.

For translation agencies

LivoLINK is an automated translation project management system that supports the entire process — from the moment the client makes an inquiry or request and receives a quotation, right through to the delivery of the final files. Our software simplifies management and completion of each stage of the translation process, while also enabling task delegation, intelligent cooperation with localisation service vendors, detailed quality control and easy use of translation memories and terminology glossaries.

For translators

Organise translation tasks in the most convenient way possible. Our system's built-in LivoCAT online tool will help you to do this. Every activity — whether that's translation, editing or sending translated files — is just a click away. With our system, you'll be able to manage your work, invoicing and customer contacts.

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