We meet the needs of the translation industry and the corporate sector

The world is one big global community. Internationalisation is one of the inevitable processes of all companies seeking to develop. As you enter global markets, not only will your customer base expand — and undoubtedly become more demanding — but so will your workforce, and the number of processes requiring efficient management will only multiply.

At LivoLINK, our goal is to develop the localisation industry by automating and simplifying the processes of translation project management, translation execution and client relations.

All translator tools in one place

LivoLINK combines all the tools necessary to streamline the translation process for translators. The original LivoCAT tool aids simple, intuitive creation of translation projects, simplifies use of translation memories and terminology and allows content to be translated in real time, even when multiple translators are working on a file simultaneously.

Translation memories and terminology

Our software allows us to create translation memories and terminology glossaries based on the translated content and reference materials sent by the client. All processes are automatic, and the user can easily use any translation memory and glossary and modify them at any time.

Machine translation and artificial intelligence

Neural translation engines will help translate long and specialised texts faster and more efficiently, while the built-in AI will check the translation result and notify you if the resulting text needs input from a human translator. It's a simple way to save time and money when undertaking translation projects.

A global platform

LivoLINK is also a platform for customer relationship management and intra-company communication. All the necessary CRM tools are integrated into the system and allow you to increase productivity with regard to all types of contacts. The software includes solutions for managing documents, creating Kanban / Scrum boards or a purchasing platform, and tools for hiring or evaluating employees.

These are just some of the possibilities of the LivoLINK system. Discover how our software's functions can help to develop the localisation sector.

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