TMs and glossaries


New possibilities for your translation resources with LivoLINK

You need to take care of every detail to increase the efficiency of your localisation processes. When it comes to translating, translation memories and glossaries play a key role.
To succeed, you need to develop a formula to use these translation resources as effectively as possible. LivoLINK software, combined with personalised advice from our specialists, allows you to benefit from all the advantages of collecting and managing your localisation resources:

Translation time and cost reduction

Translated content quality improvement

Ensured terminological consistency in translation

No need to manually update the memory and glossary after finishing a translation, THE SYSTEM WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

Revolutionary use of collected translation resources

In addition to classic translation memory and glossary management, you can use your localisation resources to train your own machine translation engines to unify and improve the quality of your translations.
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