Neural machine translation (NMT)

You are facing a difficult task. You have to make sure the content is adapted to the requirements of the location and culture of different recipients around the world. This type of process can involve an increased workload for translators and additional expenses.

At the same time, translation processes require an increasingly short response time to meet market demand, so you cannot afford to spend a long time searching for suitable localisation service providers and waiting for translation orders to be completed. The answer to this issue is machine translation (MT) based on properly prepared neural engines.

We will help you implement innovative translation technologies

A team of professional advisers and analysts, with many years of experience in localisation, will examine the your company's situation within the global market and select appropriate machine translation solutions.
If your team has never come across machine translation and has no experience in teaching neural engines, we will help you become acquainted with new solutions, taking into account your employees’ knowledge levels.
No need to worry about potential difficulties with the implementation of machine translation technology and translation engine training – our specialists will take care of everything. Once the implementation stage is complete, you can count on constant technical support and advice on developing the implemented technologies.
You benefit from the advantage of greater localisation process automation through Artificial Intelligence. The built-in AI will support you in evaluating the correctness of the neural engine translation, and then help you generate a clear report that your post-editors can use to perfect the translated content's quality.

Dedicated translation engines

If you discover that none of the solutions on the market meet your expectations when it comes to translating in specialised fields and you would like to benefit from the advantages of neural engines, we will help you find or create the right machine translation engine.

We will prepare a specific translation engine for your company

Specialised machine translation engines guarantee higher quality and accuracy for your translations, as well as reducing the time and costs of the translation process. You will be able to focus entirely on the post-editing and use of your final translation.

Why LivoLINK?


Behind LivoLINK stands a team of specialists in localisation processes and machine translation technology. We support individual clients, companies and translation agencies at every stage of software implementation and neural engine learning and expansion, and advise on the efficient execution of orders with embedded machine translation tools and on increasing the efficiency of the translation resources used.


AI technology increases the quality of machine translation, helping evaluate machine-created translations and post-editors' work.


Alongside modern localisation solutions, we also provide personalised advisory services in effectively using new translation technologies. We assist in the assimilation and development of implemented localisation solutions based on the LivoLINK software.


We make modern localisation technologies work more effectively, relieving the human resources involved in translation processes, optimising translation costs and execution time, and increasing translation efficiency and quality.


We have many years of experience in managing translation projects. We are happy to share this knowledge, helping you find the right solutions to increase your efficiency and perfect your business structures, supported by LivoLINK’s integrated functionalities.

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