Language solutions

Translation engines
Quality assurance
TM and glossaries
LivoTRANSLATE enables fast and accurate text translation by means of neural engines.
STEP 1 - specify source and target languages
STEP 2 - upload files for translation
STEP 3 - download completed translation on the platform
Translation in a text file
Your translated document is available to you in an editable text file.
Further editing
You can edit the translated document in a web browser using LivoCAT.
Use of TMs and glossaries
LivoTRANSLATE will automatically use your translation resources ( translation memories and glossaries) stored in your profile during the translation process
LivoCAT is a translation tool that enables translation in a web browser. LivoCAT allows you to conveniently translate, edit and proofread texts directly in LivoLINK without the need to have CAT tools.
Group work
LivoCAT offers an environment where the document can be edited by other users of the system.
Neural engine support
LivoCAT uses translation memories and glossaries and allows translations with neural engines. Such a combination enhances the translation process and reduces turnaround time.
LivoLINK can use different translation engines to streamline the translation process and reduce turnaround times. Selecting the right translation engine ensures accurate translations in specific sectors.
Dedicated engines
The Client can have dedicated neural engines in their profile, which incorporate the Client's specific vocabulary, thus ensuring a higher quality and accuracy of the translations. The linguistic resources of the client can be used to teach dedicated neural engine solutions.
Various specialised engines
LivoLINK adapts the engines to the specific industry, ensuring high quality of the translations delivered by means of precise terminology.
LivoLINK allows the Company to define its own quality control system.
Vendor evaluation
The company defines quality parameters for each component of performed translations. By analysing these parameters, you can evaluate the quality povided by each vendor and classify them into quality groups.
Continuous improvement of the algorithm
The continuous quality control process provides accurate assessment of the quality of vendors, which enables precise selection of translators.
Comments and complaints
LivoLINK enables the submission of comments and complaints regarding specific elements of a job. Comments can be submitted by the Client to the Company, as well as by the Company to the Vendor.
LivoLINK enables linguistic resources creation and storage. Each client can build and maintain their own individual language resources such as glossaries and translation memories.
Correct terminology
The use of TMs and glossaries in the translation process ensure terminological consistency and high quality of translated content.
TM update
LivoLINK enables automatic updating of translation memories after each job, which significantly shortens and simplifies the update process.
Resource usage
Collection and management of language resources makes it possible to reduce working time and translation costs with improved translation quality. Adequate data will also allow the client's dedicated neural engines to be trained.
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