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An Enquiry is used to make a request for a particular service and to specify initial parameters.
Definition of required attributes

Required attributes:

  • language combination (source and target language)
  • type of service (e.g. translation)
  • delivery mode (e.g. standard, express)
Additional information

If required, you can enter the expected delivery date, your own reference number* and any other information relevant to your enquiry.

*Providing a reference number is a common practice in companies where translation services are requested by many employees.


File attachment

With LivoLink, uploading and managing files is a pleasure. You can add multiple files at once (drag-and-drop).

The platform supports both image and text files (documents from popular office suites).

Sending an enquiry
Once you have sent in your enquiry, simply wait for a quote for the translation service.
This section consists of quotes for translation services provided by the company to the clients.
LivoLink creates a quote automatically based on attributes entered in the request.
Definition of enquiry parameters

Definition of all service attributes includes:

  • determining the required attributes defined by the Company (e.g. document specialisation)  
  • performing a qualitative and quantitative file analysis
  • determining deadlines
Cloud-based OCR capability

When a file is not editable, LivoLINK offers the option to perform OCR in the cloud.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition - extracts text for translation from image files. In addition to using cloud-based OCR, it is possible to upload an editable version of a file prepared outside the system.

Quantitative analysis

LivoLink performs quantitative text analysis using CAT tools.

The system provides analysis of wordcounts and characters for translation as well as numbers and types of repetitions.

Creating quotes

Based on volume analysis and price lists, LivoLINK automatically creates a quote which can be reviewed by a company employee or modified by a project manager before it is sent to the client.

Sending and accepting/rejecting a quote

LivoLINK sends the quote to a specified email address but also saves it in your customer portal. Acceptance or rejection of the quote can be done directly from the email or in the customer portal.
If the quote is rejected, you can send a new, modified one for the same enquiry.

Going through a translation project has never been so easy! LivoLink enables complete translation service management. Efficient and transparent coordination of multiple vendors, task management and monitoring of progress and workflows - all these ensure service delivery on time, within the budget and in line with your client's expectations.
Project features
  • planning tasks and allocating them to project vendors,
  • automatic searching and allocation of tasks to the most suitable vendors,
  • creating schedules, monitoring progress and workflows,
  • project budget management,
  • automatic notifications between project vendors.

*In LivoLink you define and create supplier categories yourself; you can combine them with (for example) customer groups or price groups.

The Client Portal provides access to translation services within the LivoLink platform. By submitting an enquiry, the client can obtain detailed information about the date and cost of a particular service. A purchase of a service occurs only upon acceptance of the quote presented to the customer. The client may also use one of our safe neural machine translation engines. This feature can be used via subscription (for a given number of characters). You will get the translation in an editable text file.
Customer Portal features
  • ENQUIRIES - all enquiries sent to the Company

  • QUOTES - quotes for services specified in the Enquiries, 

  • LIVO TRANSLATE - neural machine translation within the subscription, with the option to edit the document

  • COMPLAINTS - feature for entering comments and complaints

  • PRICE LISTS - general price lists of the company

  • PROFILE - client's data

  • REPORTS - various reports containing (for example) invoices for the Client's completed translation projects

  • USER PERMISSIONS - LivoLink makes it possible to create various levels of user permissions within the client's portal.

Component of the client portal that enables machine translation of documents within the subscription with the option of post-editing in a web browser.
The Vendor Portal is a friendly environment for the translator which provides translation project management tools. It has a clear division into proposals, tasks and projects as well as detailed information on each job. It allows for a quick decision whether to accept or reject a given translation project.
Vendor Portal elements
  • JOB OFFERS - job offers with files, price, status and deadline
  • TASKS - list of tasks to be performed as part of ongoing projects
  • PROJECTS - completed and currently running translation projects
  • LIVO TRANSLATE - neural translation within a subscription, with the option to edit a document
  • LIVO CAT - free online CAT tool for LivoLink users
  • PROFILE - includes details of the vendor
  • REPORTS - various reports containing (for example) invoices for completed translation projects
  • USER PERMISSIONS - LivoLink makes it possible to create various levels of user permissions within the Vendor portal.
Livo Translate

Component of the Vendor Portal that enables machine translation of documents within the subscription, with the option to post-edit in a web browser.

Livo CAT
Livo CAT allows translations to be done in a web browser without separate CAT tools.
LivoLink allows you to modify user permissions. It is possible to grant or restrict access to particular functionalities, visibility and the ability to edit particular fields.

The Organisation defines user permissions for:

  • its own employees
  • Clients and Vendors as system users

The Organisation can also define the level of permissions visible in the Client and Vendor portal.


The Client/Vendor dashboard is a set of user permissions defined by the Organisation.

Client/Vendor administrators can create their own permission levels for people within their company who use LivoLINK.

LivoLINK lets you customize the view of your screen and adjust key interface elements. You can adjust the width and height of the displayed sections.
You can define visibility of individual columns and determine their order in the sections as well as how they are displayed (number of rows per page). You can also set their width, depending on your needs.

The search tool allows you to find specific data within a section.


The user also has a filtering option available, which allows them to select the content of the columns according to the parameters they have set.

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