First steps


System configuration

Before you start working with LivoLINK, you will need to define the necessary parameters to customise the software.

Product and service creation
Adding clients and vendors
Creation of price lists
Granting of user permissions
Go to Configuration > Products and services > Add.
Enter the name, description and VAT rate.
Specify whether the product/service is Available to Client or Vendor.
Product attributes
LivoLINK allows product attributes to be defined individually. Attributes must be indexed, named and assigned a field property. Attributes can form a predefined selection list which is created in the Configuration - Field Properties tab.
Mapping makes it possible to assign the added attribute to resources defined in the system.
Field properties
Field properties allow users to create custom fields used in the system. You can create lists in tree structures which can be used as product attributes.
Depending on the user role in the system, LivoLINK allows users to set attribute visibility and edit attribute permissions at various stages of the translation project workflow: when creating and editing enquiries, quotes, projects, price lists and price list items.
Sale units
In the Sale Units tab, you can create individual units by selecting an attribute from a list, specifying the unit of measurement and the quantity per unit.
Basic data
LivoLINK loads business partner data from the Central Statistical Office database. In the Counterparties tab, you enter the VAT ID number and the remaining data is downloaded automatically.
Billing data
Specify the Pricing Group.
Specify the default currency, register and invoice sending frequency.
Fill in the remaining billing details: account number, due date, etc.
Livo TranslaTE

Specify parameters of the LivoTRANSLATE service

  • annual subscription value
  • validity date
  • number of characters per package
  • package price

You can also start a free trial period.

Adding a new price list
Enter Price Lists in the portal.
Click Add and enter the name of the price list, then define the currency and the price group.
Pricing items
Go to the Price List Items tab.
Click Add, select the product, then specify its attributes and unit price.
Editing price list items
You can edit predetermined price list items as required.
To do this, click on the desired price list and go to the Price List Items section.
Adding user profiles
Go to Configuration > User permissions > Add.
Enter the name of the User Profile and select the scope of its permissions.
Detailed definition of user permissions
Once the profile has been created, go to the User Permissions Details tab.
Select a section and, on the User Permissions tab, specify whether the User will have access to it by checking or unchecking the box.
Resource permissions

On the Resource Permissions tab, define the specific actions that a User will be able to perform regarding the selected resource:

  • Execution
  • Visibility
  • Change while editing
  • Visibility while creating
  • Change while creating
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